Maritime Cranes

Next step in transition to Rostock plant

Liebherr Maritime Cranes would like to announce elements of its strategic realignment to further increase performance, focus on new growth areas and improve operational efficiency across the entire maritime portfolio.

With beginning of 2016, further design, sales and customer service resources for mobile harbour cranes, reachstackers, ship cranes as well as offshore cranes will operate out of our maritime production site in Rostock, Germany.

Maritime know-how in combination with direct sea access provides valuable advantages for our customers. Liebherr Maritime Cranes will become more streamlined, performance-driven and capable of rapidly responding to shifting industry trends.


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  • Detailed information about the whole maritime portfolio
  • Informative overview of the various areas of application
  • Explanatory profiles from the maritime technologies

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New Liebherr reachstacker LRS 545 delivered to the Port of Ravenna

During the last years Liebherr has already delivered quite a number of mobile harbour cranes to various terminals located in the Port of Ravenna. All cranes are high performing machines and are characterised by utmost reliability.

This is where the new Liebherr LRS 545 steps in. Synergies with regards to service and maintenance are further benefits. The complete design of the new Reachstacker series is based on the latest technology in order to maximise driver’s comfort, performance and eco-friendliness.

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Trade Shows


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TransCaspian 2016

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5th Black Sea Ports and Shipping

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