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LHM 600 LG 1750 RL-K 7500

665 t Single Lift
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665 t Single Lift

Liebherr Rostock, Germany. The latest order of a Liebherr RL-K 7500 is prepared for shipment to South Korea. The ram luffing knuckle boom crane, weighing 665 tonnes, was lifted by two LHM 600 mobile harbour cranes and two LG 1750 mobile cranes from the test yard onto the quay. Although confronted with a number of special challenges as synchronizing four cranes at once, Liebherr engineers could safely fulfil the task in 1 hour 31 minutes.

LHM 600
Applications Specifications
Container handling Max. capacity 208 t
Bulk handling Max. radius 58 m
General cargo Total weight 550 t
Heavy lift Motorisation 670 kW
(1.340 kW Pactronic®)
LG 1750
Applications Specifications
Heavy lift Max. capacity 750 t
Wind industry Max. radius 136 m
Max. height 191 m
Motorisation 400 kW
RL-K 7500
Applications Specifications
Oil & gas industry Overturning moment 7500 tm
Subsea operations Max. capacity 300 t
Pipe & riser handling Boom length 55 m
Drive system Electro-
or diesel-hydraulic

Liebherr`s Unique 8 Rope Reeving System ...

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